You’re considering how to approach getting on the GSA Schedule and maximize sales – but don’t know where to start. 

Getting on a GSA Schedule does not guarantee profitable business. In fact, most GSA Schedule holders set themselves up for failure even before they are awarded their first GSA Schedule. To build a strong GSA Schedule and government sales program, you must take the time to learn how thriving GSA Schedule contractors have built their programs.

As a leading GSA Schedule consultant, Winvale also holds its own GSA Schedules and has generated more than $75,000,000 in sales. Join Kevin Lancaster, Winvale’s CEO, as he shares strategic insights into how to build and position your company and its GSA Schedule for optimal success.

Download your free copy of our webinar How to Build a Killer GSA Schedule Program AND Generate Sales  to learn:

  • What approach to getting on the GSA Schedule makes the most sense for your business (direct or partnering with a reseller)
  • Why most GSA Schedule holders fail to generate business through their contracts and get removed from the program within the first two years
  • How Winvale approaches "Government Business Development" to drive revenue
  • How to accelerate your federal pipeline growth

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