Whether you are a new or experienced contractor, you know government contracting can be nuanced and complicated. This is especially true with government contract numbers. When you receive a contract award -- whether it’s your GSA Schedule contract, a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), or another contract vehicle -- the contract is assigned a number. A lot of contractors are unsure what the numbers mean and how to identify or differentiate them from each other. This is where Procurement Instrument Identifiers (PIIDs) come in.

In this webinar, we’ll cover PIIDs and what you need to know about the 13 alpha-numeric characters identifying each contract award. We’ll discuss:

  • Procurement Instrument Identifiers (PIIDs)
    • History and Implementation
    • How to read PIIDs and what they mean at the Task Order level
  • Government contract awards
  • Circumstances when a PIID can change
  • The importance of PIIDs for GSA and government contractors

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Webinar Presenter:

Bradley Wyatt
Lead Account Manager, Winvale


About Winvale:

Winvale is a government contracts consultancy and leading advisor on the GSA Schedule program. Headquartered in the Washington D.C. area since 2003, Winvale provides expertise to companies seeking to conduct business with federal, state and local governments. Winvale also offers channel distribution services designed to help companies reach government buyers quickly by allowing them to place their products and services on its existing contract vehicles. Winvale’s client portfolio includes many small emerging firms as well as Fortune 500 and international companies.