Winvale is proud to introduce The GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program: A Prospectus.

The intention of this Prospectus is to provide prospective contractors with an overview of the GSA Schedules program and to help outline the strategies, performance, expenses, and market opportunity in order to make a more informed investment decision. Heat Maps have also been included to further assist the reader with demographics and to better understand the competitive landscape.

In this piece, you’ll find an unbiased and factual overview of the program backed by research, including:

  • A complete outline of the GSA Schedule, and the advantages and responsibilities of being a contractor.
  • Details on GSA Schedule criteria, like the minimum requirements, timeline and submission to contract award, and responsibilities of GSA Schedule Contractors.
  • Contractor heat maps that show the total number of federal contractors by zip code, as well as the total number of GSA Schedule Contractors by both zip code and sales.

Simply fill out the form on this page to gain instant access to your copy of the Prospectus.