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Quick tip of the month

Make sure that your contract is feeling the love and keep it up to date on Mass Modifications!

Be sure to check for updates to the regulations in the terms of the schedule. Contractors must log into the GSA's Mass Mod system,, review the updates, and determine if there are any to which they want to take exception. After accepting a Mass Mod, you will receive an SF30 document confirming your acceptance of the new terms. Be sure to save this document each time a new Mass Mod is released and accepted for your records. Mass Modifications are GSA's way of executing a large-scale solicitation refresh, and updating contractors on each schedule's newest policies, language, and guidelines. Be sure to look out for GSA e-mails about Mass Modifications that could affect your contract.

Critical information

Upcoming Refresh for 00CORP Professional Services Schedule

The GSA is planning to issue Refresh 34 for the Professional Services Schedule this coming March of 2019. The updates within the Refresh will primarily be centered around one goal, streamlining the PSS Solicitation for both current vendors as well as prospective vendors. A few of the updates that are within this Refresh include: 1) Removal of proposal instructions from existing PSS SIN descriptions and solicitation attachments as well as the consolidation of those instructions into the proposal instruction provisions incorporated into the solicitation, and 2) reduction of the information required to be submitted and evaluated in response to the Relevant Project Experience Technical Factor for new proposals. To review the impending updates, feel free to follow the link here.

Emerging business opportunities
  • Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Next-Generation (PPV-NG)
    • The Department of Veterans Affairs has been conducting market research to assess industry capability for pharmaceutical product distribution services through a Sources Sought released in July 2018. This potential $100 million opportunity has an estimated Request for Proposal (RFP) release date between February and March 2019.
  • Commodities Enterprise Contract-Next Generation (CEC-NG)
    • This re-compete opportunity through the Department of Veteran Affairs is set aside for small business and provides the agency with IT hardware/user devices and associated services. This potential $5.3 billion contract has an estimated RFP release date between March and April 2019.
  • Information Technology Supplies and Support Services 2 (ITSSS 2)
    • The FBI has been working on the development of the next generation of the IT Triple-S contract vehicle for the procurement of IT services. This potential $5 billion re-compete opportunity has an estimated RFP release date between March and April 2019.
Frequently asked questions

What is Transactional Data Reporting (TDR)?

Transactional Data Reporting is a fairly new method of reporting issued as an optional Mass Modification to some GSA contracts including Schedule 70 and Schedule 00CORP. Contracts subject to TDR must report GSA sales monthly and must pay the IFF quarterly through the FAS portal. TDR reporting requires contractors to report more data than the traditional quarterly report but eliminates the Price Reductions Clause and Commercial Sales Practices disclosure requirement.

Is GSA consolidating the Schedules program?

In November 2018, the GSA announced that it plans to consolidate its 24 Schedules into one single Schedule for a more streamlined and accessible acquisition process. GSA is currently still in the planning process but has projected that the consolidation will take place in two phases throughout fiscal years 2019 and 2020. GSA has not yet released a concrete date of completion. Take a look at Winvale's blog post for more information on the consolidation process.

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