GSA's Cybersecurity SINs Are Finally Here!


FY 2017 will be a big year for the GSA Schedules Program! 

Prompted by the Obama Administration’s budget plan to invest $19 billion in Cybersecurity through his Cybersecurity National Action Plan (a 35 percent over 2016 funding), GSA recently announced the release of a new group of Special Item Numbers (SINs) dedicated to Cybersecurity Services. 

This new group of SINs, called Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) will improve the ability of agencies to procure Cybersecurity services to mitigate future cyber-attacks.  These SINs are available for agencies to begin purchasing starting October 1, 2016!  The four new SINs are:


Join Winvale’s Lead Consultant, Michael Chestnut, and Government Analyst, Meghan Gallagher, as they discuss these changes, contract modification procedures, and the growing Federal Cybersecurity market. 

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  • What is the Cybersecurity National Action Plan? 
  • Cybersecurity Federal Market Overview
  • What are the HACS SINs? 
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Preparing for Your Oral Evaluation
  • Timeframe to Award

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