The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation is the biggest change in the history of GSA's Federal Supply Schedule and offers Schedule contractors a significant opportunity to update their contract.

What is the GSA MAS Consolidation?

GSA is making active efforts to modernize and simplify the federal acquisition process by consolidating 24 "Schedules" into 1 Schedule, 12 Large Categories, 83 Subcategories, and 316 Special Item Numbers (SINs). 

Why Did GSA Create a Single Schedule?

The purpose of the GSA MAS Consolidation is to streamline how government agencies purchase and how contractors sell to the government.

Instead of Schedule numbers, the new MAS solicitation is organized by large categories and subcategories. The Consolidated solicitation has a simplified format, simplified terms and conditions, and new categories and Special Item Numbers. This new format will make it easier for contractors to offer products, services, and solutions, and for agencies to find them.

Alan Thomas, GSA Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner said “Reorganizing our categories and consolidating our SINs is a big step toward our final goal of a single Schedule, this will be a win - win for our buyers and industry partners. Suppliers will be able to come to the marketplace with their offerings using a solutions-based approach -- mirroring the way agencies buy. It will also allow our customers to more easily find and buy the right solutions to fulfill their missions using a single schedule, instead of buying products from one schedule and services from another. It’s all about making it easier for everyone to work with government.”

The Opportunity for Contractors

The GSA MAS Consolidation offers Schedule contractors a significant opportunity to update their contract and add additional categories of products and services without having to hold multiple Schedules. This opens up a big opportunity to contractors, and it's important to use it to your advantage. 

GSA released Mass Modification #A812 by Schedule number for ALL Schedule holders January 31, 2020 through February 11, 2020. This Mass Mod will bring existing contracts into the new Consolidated format. 

Mass Mod A812 Release Date

Legacy Schedule Number

Friday, 1/31

03FAC, 23V, 36, 48, 51V, 58 I, 599

Monday, 2/3


Tuesday, 2/4

00CORP (PSS) Cont.

Wednesday, 2/5


Thursday, 2/6

70 Cont.

Friday, 2/7

56, 66, 67, 71, 71 II K, 72, 73,

Monday, 2/10

736, 738X, 75, 751

Tuesday, 2/11

76, 78, 81 I B, 84


What Do I Need to Do?

Each contractor will be required to:

  • accept 210 FAR & GSAM clauses
  • map the old Schedule to the new Large Category(ies)
  • map the old SINs to the new SINs
  • replace and incorporate new terms & conditions
  • update their T&Cs pricelist catalog in SIP / GSA Advantage

Acceptance of the Consolidation Mass Mod is mandatory within 90 days of receipt, but you don't want to wait until the deadline - there are competitive advantages to getting it right.

Winvale is a trusted expert in the GSA Schedule program and can help you through this important Consolidation and how to maximize the sales opportunity. Contact us to learn more!

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