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Steve Young

By: Steve Young on April 9th, 2012

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England College First to Use Location Technology to Increase Visibility of Students

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West Cheshire College, a leading vocational college in the northwest part of England, is the first college to implement a real time location tracking solution. This technology will enable West Cheshire to precisely track, analyze and manage student movements around the buildings’ free flowing public and learning zones. The variety of data being received via real time reporting will allow the college to see which students are in class at any given time. The college can act on this data based on student movement patterns within the building to efficiently allocate resources and optimize staff and resourcing capacity.

The data provided from the system is also used to improve the operating efficiency of other systems through classroom occupancy management. This allows the college to ensure appropriate government funding by accurately recording and reporting enrollment and attendance. In the future the college hopes to connect attendance information to systems such as cooling, heating, and lighting to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.



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