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Steve Young

By: Steve Young on October 6th, 2010

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Schoolyard Tactics in a Contractor Team Arrangement

Resources and Insight | 1 Min Read

Oftentimes, after we have gotten a client to Contract Award they are left with some obvious questions: What next? What now? Many small businesses can find themselves wondering: How can I get my foot into the door when there's so much competition? One way is through a GSA Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), which is a formal and written agreement between two or more GSA Schedule contractors, detailing how they will work together to provide a complete and total solution to fulfill the needs of the government customer. It's like you're back in school and picking your team for a kickball game. You need to find the best players who can fill certain roles on your team to increase your chances to win. Back then it used to be for the glory on the playground but these days its business and it means more money in your pocket!

In short, these teaming arrangements can bring together multiple GSA Schedule contractors to respond to an government customer's RFQ or RFP. Each contractor complements each other's capabilities and allows them to compete for opportunities which they may not qualify for on their own. These arrangements can benefit every type of business and offers a total solution. Remember how you wanted the big kid on your kickball team because he was strong but also wanted the small kid on your team because he or she ran fast? Large and small businesses also work together in a similar harmonious fashion: large businesses can leverage past government experience, meet the demand of a large scoped project, and pull together resources quickly, while small businesses are more nimble, qualify for set-aside opportunities, and often times serve an important niche.

Not only are CTAs desirable for GSA contract holders, but they are also sought after by government customers. A customer benefit from a CTA (buying a solution rather than making separate purchases from various contractors) cuts down considerably on administrative time, management, and cost. It's a best value selection that facilitates an agency's needs, and makes each Contracting Officers' job easier because CTAs are viewed as a one-stop-shop.

With all that said, you might be wondering how to find these fellow teammates. The best way to do this is by visiting your new virtual playground, GSA eLibrary: This is where you can find other GSA Schedule contractors who complement your business, share in corporate culture, and add value to the team. A true "win-win". Once you have found your teaming partner(s), a CTA document can be written, detailing the responsibilities of each team member.

Good luck out there—and go team!


About Steve Young

Steve serves as the Director of the Technology Resale division. Steve manages all aspects of Winvale’s GSA Schedule contracts. Steve also leads the company in RFP/RFQ responses where Winvale is the Prime Contractor. Responsible for over 60 manufacturers on Winvale’s GSA Schedule contracts, Steve insures that each manufacturer’s products or services are compliant and within scope of each GSA contract.

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