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75% of Government Don’t Understand Mobile Device Management Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on July 8th, 2013

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75% of Government Don’t Understand Mobile Device Management

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The use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly and forever changing the way in which we conduct not only our personal lives, but the way government agencies conduct business. In fact, mobile strategies have recently been promoted at the highest levels of government. In May 2012, the Obama Administration launched the Digital Government Strategy. At that point, only 35% of adults owned a mobile device, but today that number is nearly 50%. Additionally, Nielsen reported an 89% increase in mobile data usage between 2010 and 2011. However, only 25% of government agencies have a mobile strategy in place.

Why should government agencies implement a mobile enterprise strategy?

With the constant development of new technologies in the public sector, government agencies are looking to capitalize on the wealth of opportunity presented by the mobile revolution. Improvements in communication strategies, reduced costs, increased employee productivity, and transformed collaboration are all reasons to consider government mobility.

The development of mobile apps assists government agencies in collaboration, facilitation of remote work and improves employee productivity. The impact of mobility creates another communication medium for employees to consume agency information. If employees have IT questions or concerns, they can resort to the mobile device management platform. This leaves the agency with reduced costs and frees up the IT department’s time, while providing a facilitating self-service alternative.

Why is mobile device management important?

As mobile device management becomes more mainstream in the government, agencies must be able to share resources, best practices, and case studies to speed up adoption. The benefits of mobile device management are unlimited; from empowering workers, to improving morale and developing new business strategies; mobile device management proves to be the next best technology solution for the public sector.

To learn more about government mobile device management download the GovLoop Guide: Making Mobile Matter.


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