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Best Practices for Government Customer Service Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on July 18th, 2013

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Best Practices for Government Customer Service

Government Business Development | Government | Technology | Resources and Insight | 1 Min Read

Providing an exceptional customer service experience is a key element of running any organization, from large corporations to non-profits to government agencies. Government agencies have to deal with issues raised by the public every day and be able to respond to constituents in an efficient manner. While seemingly a straightforward task, customer relations is a constantly evolving field. Many people now expect a personalized experience through whatever channel they prefer, whether it is by phone, email, web or social networks. By using the most current technology to optimize the customer service experience, organizations can not only improve the way they respond to their constituents needs but also improve their own organizational efficiency and reduce costs.

Using automated and integrated customer service technology is a great way to improve the overall functionality of your organization or agency. Many organizations have outdated customer service processes that are focused predominantly around call centers. Those responsible for handling calls from constituents do not always have easy access to the information they need to work with the caller. By integrating customer service systems, agents can get easy access to all the information they need relating to their constituent’s concern and are prepared to help them on a variety of levels.

Research has shown that an integrated multi-tiered approach to customer relations has many benefits including increased productivity and decreased overhead expenses. Why waste time and money on outdated service methods? To learn more, download this e-book from Nucleus Research, Best Practices for Customer Service with Oracle RightNow.


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