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BusinessUSA Nominated for IT Program of the Year Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on October 24th, 2013

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BusinessUSA Nominated for IT Program of the Year

Resources and Insight | 1 Min Read

Two years ago, President Obama issued a challenge to all government agencies to expand their boundaries and think outside of the box in interest of America’s business community. In response, The U.S. Department of Commerce has developed a revolutionary platform that has fundamentally changed the field of business-to-government interaction. That platform is BusinessUSA.

BusinessUSA achieved Obama’s challenge by creating an easy-access, user friendly website that all business professionals, owners, and entrepreneurs can use as a resource for any information and relevant resources they may need for their business. What separates BusinessUSA from typical government regulated websites is the collaboration of thoughts and inputs from multiple agencies into one website and simplicity of attaining the resource. The homepage is designed with 12 popular business related options with a very apparent search bar placed right above. The website also possesses a resources tab that can be found very useful and the bottom of the page possesses a list of quick facts and success stories from which business owners may find resourceful.

Furthermore, the hard work from the people of BusinessUSA is not going unnoticed. BusinessUSA was nominated for the IT Program of the Year at the FedScoop 50 Awards. In a statement released from BusinessUSA, they said:

“We are thrilled to share [FedScoop’s] nomination for IT Program of the Year with you, because we are one of many government agencies that have been working to grow and build BusinessUSA over the past two years. Business owners now have a way to find our programs, and other programs across the government that may be able to help them, all at one convenient spot.”

Winvale also played an important role in this accomplishment as we assisted BusinessUSA in connecting with Parature, our partner which provided the IT solution for this nominated platform. Winvale would like to congratulate BusinessUSA in their nomination, and encourage all business moguls to check out the acknowledged tools and services that BusinessUSA offers and vote for them for IT Program of the Year.

After only two years of work, this nomination is an amazing accomplishment; the vote would ensure that BusinessUSA’s hard work paid off. The functionality of the site, the design, and the overall advancements have assisted thousands of businesses and made the lives of the government employees much more efficient and simplified. We encourage every business owner, small business, and government officials that have found this program invaluable and remarkable to vote for BusinessUSA at this year’s FedScoop 50 Awards!

Vote for BusinessUSA as IT Program of the Year!


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