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Crime Fighting Mobile Technology: Police Incorporating Mobile Apps and Social Media Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on February 11th, 2013

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Crime Fighting Mobile Technology: Police Incorporating Mobile Apps and Social Media

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Understanding that the easiest way to reach the public these days is through their mobile devices, police departments have begun publishing mobile apps for citizens to report petty crimes and thefts. According to a multitude of departments, the old system of calling in each crime would lead to a backlog of paperwork and nearly a month turnaround to obtain a police report. Additionally, a lot much crime data was lost as it would be difficult for the department to follow up. Appalling numbers such as for every 2000 phone calls for reported crimes, only 500 police reports would result, showed the need for a change. Now with the mobile app, citizens fill out the crime information through the app and upon approval, a PDF copy is sent directly to them. This new system leads to not only less time spent and paperwork, but greater record keeping accuracy and creating more crime data for certain areas.

Departments are also now making use of Twitter and Facebook for a two way interaction with citizens. Using programs such as “Tweet by Beat”, citizens can post crime tips through social media, and the departments respond with alerts and updates on current issues within the precinct. These new methods of interaction continue to show the greater importance and need for a mobility and social media presence within the government.


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