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Get Schooled Using Year End Funds Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on August 1st, 2013

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Get Schooled Using Year End Funds

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Making sure your employees are trained and up to date on the latest IT developments is a crucial part of ensuring your agency runs at maximum efficiency. With the constant development of new technologies, it can be hard to stay up to date. In addition, educating your employees on the latest technology can be complicated and expensive, leaving underfunded managers with no room to budget proper training for their employees. How can your agency educate employees without burning a hole in your budget?

Using your agency’s end of year funds to train employees is a great way to help them stay informed and prepared in the IT field, while also making sure none of your agency’s funds go to waste. Spending money on educating your employee’s results in a great return on investment, and using end of year funds protects your agency from budget cuts in the next fiscal year.

The Learning Pass Credit Program is a convenient and affordable way for an agency to purchase discounted training for its employees and minimize administrative paperwork. The program is simple; to receive a discount, a required minimum purchase of credits must be completed upfront. Purchasing more credits results in a greater discount. LPCs are then used to redeem available training. An LPC is equal to approximately one day of public training and can be used to pay for on-site training too.

Check out BMC’s Education Services Catalog for more information on employee education programs.


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