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Is Your HR Recruiting in the Cloud? Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on May 6th, 2013

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Is Your HR Recruiting in the Cloud?

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Cloud Computing is revolutionizing business processes in organizations large and small by increasing efficiencies and decreasing expenses. The capabilities of the cloud have proven useful in many areas, including human resources. Many organizations purchase and use the majority of recruiting and hiring technologies separately. This practice results in higher costs of resources and time, as well as a greater chance of error by the Human Resources staff. Cloud computing software now works to solve this by integrating services together and allowing organizations to more efficiently research and select the best performing recruits and employees. Using the cloud as a platform for talent acquisition also improves security, data sharing, and flexibility of the Human Resources systems.

An example of utilizing cloud computing software in human resources talent acquisition is Oracle’s Taleo Cloud Service. Oracle utilizes the abilities and benefits of the cloud to provide increased efficiency for Human Resources departments. Oracle has a heavy presence in government agencies and its human capital management application focuses on specific “talents” of candidates and matching those to the duties of the position. These streamlined processes allow agencies to decrease their costs for these processes and focus more on meeting the agency specific mission.


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