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Cyber Threats & Privacy Concerns in the Public Sector Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on June 26th, 2015

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Cyber Threats & Privacy Concerns in the Public Sector

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cyber-security-webinarDid you miss our presentation earlier this week?

You can now download a free copy of our presentation. 

The recent data breach on the federal government has illustrated just how vulnerable we all are, and that public sector organizations have a fundamental need for protection. 

When you consider the effects of damaged reputations, diminished public confidence, risks to national security, and class-action lawsuits on your organization, the risks are significant. Download our webinar Cyber Threats & Privacy Concerns in the Public Sector to learn how to understand key risks, take proactive steps to protect your organization, and identify your weakest links:

Topic covered include:

  • Overview of cyber breach and privacy
  • Concerns for public sector organizations
  • Concerns for federal contractors
  • Types of breaches and hackers
  • The risks, including National security and loss of public trust
  • Legal: Privacy Act, federal and state disclosure requirements
  • Cyber Incident Preparedness Checklist, including steps to take before a cyber attack occurs, responding to a cyber attack, as well as what not to do following a cyber attack
  • Identity protection and response management


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