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Mobile Device Security: The Government’s Response Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on March 14th, 2013

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Mobile Device Security: The Government’s Response

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As we dive deeper into the year 2013, we see now more than ever the workforce’s reliance on mobile devices. It has reached a scale so great that according to multiple technology research firms, before the end of this year, mobile devices will overtake personal computers as the most common tool to access the web.

This means that in workplaces around the world, the amount of mobile devices accessing sensitive data is growing astronomically. This is especially true in the public sector, where the amount of mobile devices touching the network is ever growing, as are the agencies looking to move to the cloud. So how will the government respond to ensure these staggering mobility numbers do not compromise cybersecurity?

To adjust to these new web consuming practices, experts are suggesting a two pronged approach. Not only is it important for the government to have control over the endpoint device, but it must also have a strong secure mobile platform. As such a combination movement of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Access Management has been brought up to be the core of public sector cyber security moving forward. The Mobile Access Management should feature multiple authentication methods thus ensuring if one is compromised, that method can be shut down. Having the Device and Access Management approaches working together will ensure that security compromises can be quickly isolated and dealt with. The mobile device technology is constantly evolving. This approach will ensure that public sector cybersecurity keeps up.


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