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SIN 132-20 is Coming to GSA Schedule 70 Blog Feature
John Abel

By: John Abel on September 27th, 2018

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SIN 132-20 is Coming to GSA Schedule 70

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SIN 132-20 is Coming to GSA Schedule 70After a 10-year, $2.5 billion contract for contact center solutions has come to its end, GSA has elected to acquire these services via a new method. GSA is preparing to add SIN 132-20, titled Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS), to Schedule IT70 to secure more advanced AI computing for these applications and processes within the government.  More details surrounding the addition of this SIN can be found online on GSA’s Interact platform.

This SIN will be centered around automating such processes as text-to-speech, voicemail, email delivery, Interactive Voice Response, chat bots and more. GSA has released a draft SIN description for 132-20 including its proposed scope which, for now, is as follows:

“ACCS is defined as any combination of products, equipment, software and/or services that are required to establish and maintain automated contact center capabilities managed by the contractor for an agency. These include a wide range of automated and attended managed solutions that allow agencies to respond to inquiries from the public. Permissible offerings under this SIN may include any technologies or services required to deliver and support ACCS to agencies, including but not limited to:

Technology: Automated services to include but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat Bots, Robotic Process Automation, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice/Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Voicemail, Callback, Web Callback, Email Delivery, Hosted Online Ordering, Hosted Email Web Form, Hosted FAQ Service, etc.)”

Full Draft SIN Description is available here.

This ACCS SIN will be established for vendors to add to contract as of October 1, 2018, and the potential for technology firms both large and small is enormous. Automated solutions for applications such as these have become more and more integrated into modern technology in the past few years, and this is an important step forward in modernizing and simplifying the acquisitions process for the federal government. The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the SIN description is intriguing for contractors.  AI solutions are developing at a rapid pace, and the addition of this SIN looks to be a step forward regarding the government’s ability to expand their review process and incorporate newer, more innovative solutions from contractors into everyday processes.

GSA’s addition of this SIN will open the door for many technology firms, both large and small, to market and offer innovative solutions through the GSA MAS program. To offer these services, contractors must complete a SIN addition modification with the required technical requirements to their awarded GSA Schedule 70 Contract, and if you’re interested in adding SIN 132-20, Winvale is here to help. Automated solutions such as those described in this new SIN can have such a wide scope of applications, that this may just be the tip of the iceberg for federal contractors moving forward.

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John Abel is Manager of The Winvale Group focusing on government contracting and federal acquisition opportunities for businesses. He is a native of Stafford, Virginia and graduated from James Madison University with his Bachelor's of Arts in History.