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Mass Modifications – Stay up to date with Solicitation Updates Blog Feature
John Abel

By: John Abel on November 30th, 2017

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Mass Modifications – Stay up to date with Solicitation Updates

GSA Schedule | 2 Min Read

Mass Mods .jpgThough the GSA tried to make doing business with its Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts easier, the process is still complex. Per GSA, “A mass modification is a government-initiated modification that occurs when a uniform change occurs schedule-wide.”[1]  A mass mod is a schedule-wide update to a contract’s terms that require the contractor’s acceptance. Often, these modifications are all-encompassing updates that incorporate new government regulations or legislation. One recent example is mod A509 for the new Transactional Data Reporting system.

Tips for a smart approach 

First, be sure to check for updates to the regulations in the terms of the schedule. Throughout the life of a MAS contract, the contract-holder is free to modify pricing, products and services offered, administrative information, or terms and conditions. Since mass modifications can materially affect your contract throughout the award period, it’s important to understand them.

After a mass modification is released, contractors on that schedule receive notifications. For each mass modification, the contract administrator receives an email with a unique pin number for each mass mod. ONLY the contractor administrator receives this email, so it's very important to keep that email address up to date.

Contractors must then log into the GSA’s mass mod system,, review the updates, and determine if there are any to which they want to take exception. The link to the mass mod system is permanently posted on the GSA Vendor Support Center website. After entering your contract number and login credentials, you can view the modification details and accept them. Take note whether your contract will become delinquent based on an acceptance or denial/dismissal.

After accepting a mass mod, you will receive an SF30 document confirming your acceptance of the new terms. The SF30 summarizes the amendment to the solicitation you accepted, and provides proof of your status as current for the most recent solicitation refresh. Be sure to save this document each time a new mass mod is released and accepted for your records.

Mass modifications are GSA’s way of executing a large-scale solicitation refresh, and updating contractors on each schedule’s newest policies, language, and guidelines. Be sure to look out for GSA e-mails about mass modifications that could affect your contract. Reach out to the Winvale team now for smart guidance on managing your government contracts. 





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John Abel is a Lead Consultant at The Winvale Group focusing on government contracting and federal acquisition opportunities for businesses. He is a native of Stafford, Virginia and graduated from James Madison University with his Bachelor's of Arts in History.