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Update Your GSA Price List Before the End of Fiscal Year Blog Feature
David Baldino

By: David Baldino on September 5th, 2013

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Update Your GSA Price List Before the End of Fiscal Year

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There are only 24 days left before the end of the Federal Fiscal Year. Right now, the government buying season is at peak time. Last year, over $9.8 Billion was spent through General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracts in the last quarter alone. To ensure maximum sales, GSA contractors need to ensure their GSA Price List is accurate and up to date.

GSA Schedule contractors are required to issue an “Authorized Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Price List” to provide to ordering activities upon request. The FSS price list of commercial sales contains all supplies and services offered by the GSA Schedule contractor as well as the terms and conditions relating to each Special Item Number (SIN) for the GSA Schedule contract. GSA Schedule contractors are required to provide one copy of their FSS price list to any ordering activity upon request.

GSA Schedule contractors are allowed to renegotiate or modify prices in accordance with their commercial sales practices. This modification is the responsibility of the GSA Schedule contractor, who must offer products and services to Government buyers’ at or below the most current price.

Contractors typically can negotiate relatively good pricing terms for their GSA Schedule contracts. When starting a contract or modifying it, one of the first steps is the volume pricing of the contractor’s proposal. Strategic errors in this volume can become a repeating problem for the life of the GSA Schedule contract. It is highly advised that GSA contractors clearly think and develop a sound pricing strategy before beginning any other part of their GSA proposal or modification.

When developing a plan for establishing or modifying a FSS price list, some professional guidance might be necessary. A professional GSA Schedule Consultant can help direct a GSA Schedule contractor navigate through the process of negotiation with GSA and can help a contractor modify its price list with a clear and error-free strategy.



About David Baldino

A Lead Consultant at Winvale, David Baldino focuses on supporting large and small organizations in their efforts to successfully market to the Federal and State Governments. Advising customers on best practices for contractor and contract compliance in direct relation to the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Program, David has allowed companies to focus on performance within these contract vehicles, and enable continuous growth. He has also worked with other cooperative purchasing contract vehicles including Texas DIR, the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA), and The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN). David is a graduate of George Mason University and has attended both Georgetown University and the University of Oxford, where his studies consisted of History and Law.