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After Righting the Ship, GSA’s Captain Moving On Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on January 16th, 2015

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After Righting the Ship, GSA’s Captain Moving On

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GSA-logo_blueDan Tangherlini, GSA’s Chief Administrator, announced his resignation yesterday after nearly three years as the head of the federal government’s procurement arm. Appointed by President Obama in April 2012, Tangherlini was tasked with leading the GSA out of the midst of an employee spending scandal. Taking over an Administration that had suffered a severe hit to its credibility within the federal government, Tangherlini led a three year transformation to bring GSA to its much healthier current state. Highlights of Tangherlini’s accomplishments during his tenure included:

  • Centralizing GSA’s Management Structure: Tangherlini consolidated the information technology management structure of the GSA, combining three CIO positions into one. The move increased the accountability of the CIO office, thus trickling down to the technology department as a whole. The move paid dividends in streamlining the creation of a more effective IT budget.
  • Revamping GSA’s Mission: Tangherlini released 6 core priorities for the GSA at the beginning of 2013. Among others, these priorities included delivering better value and savings, expanding small business opportunity, and leading with innovation. These goals served as the backbone to a top to bottom review of GSA, which led to consolidation and better spending initiatives.
  • Refocusing GSA’s Public Building Service: Tangherlini led reform that made better use of the government’s unused assets specifically in the respect of federal buildings. His push led to new methods of handling underutilized federal property. In addition he spearheaded movements to move the FBI into a new building and modernize Federal Triangle South.
  • Creating a more efficient workforce: Tangherlini is credited with developing greater efficiency within the workforce of GSA. This was done through an overhaul of the teleworking policy and creating greater accountability of employees.

Upon news of his departure, Tangherlini received many commendations from officials throughout the federal government including President Barack Obama. Obama noted Tangherlini’s tireless efforts by saying that he “helped make the agency more efficient, transparent, and accountable to the American people.” Senator Tom Carper of Delaware also acknowledged Tangherlini’s ability to use the crisis GSA found itself in at the beginning of his tenure, as an opportunity to improve the administration.

Tangherlini’s aggressive agenda during his tenure at GSA will have a lasting impact for many years to come. His accomplishments have established measures that will continue to save money in federal contracting. These savings has allowed GSA to reinvest in developing more modern technology solutions. While he will be stepping down from his post, Tangherlini’s established reforms should continue to pay dividends as the GSA looks to continue to improve on the mission goals set by Tangherlini’s administration. GSA’s next captain will certainly find the GSA ship in a much better position than it was a short time ago.


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