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Benjamin Brooks

Benjamin is the Vice President of Beryllium InfoSec Collaborative and is a 20-year information security veteran. Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) frameworks, his work focuses on behavioral and administrative controls to prevent information security breaches. He is a certified CISSP and CEIA.

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Top 5 Cyber Security Tips for Government Contractors

By: Benjamin Brooks
October 23rd, 2019

As part of Winvale's guest blogger series, Benjamin Brooks, Vice President of Beryllium InfoSec Collaborative, is sharing his top 5 cyber security measures government contractors need to know. Winvale partnered with Beryllium to host a recent webinar, Managing Cyber Security Requirements in Today's Federal Market. When you think "contractor with the US Government," what do you think of? Bureaucracy? Guaranteed steady revenue? Those are the most popular responses, because after-all, we are in business to make money, right? But how many people reading this think of “cyber security” as one of the ideas surrounding contracting with the United States Government?

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