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The latest insights for government contracting success, GSA Schedule assistance, & IT Manufacturer support.

OMB Memorandum Sets Important Guidelines for Government Contractors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Does the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package (CARES Act) Affect Government Contractors?

Top 10 Reasons to Get on the GSA Schedule

Top 10 Reasons to Get on the GSA Schedule

Do you know what the real benefits of being on the GSA Schedule are? Learn the top 10 reasons (and advantages) why you should consider it.

3D Print Solutions for the Coronavirus Response

How to Add Disaster Recovery for Coronavirus to Your GSA Contract

President Trump Invokes the Defense Production Act in Response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus Pandemic: How Does the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) Prioritize Spending?

GSA and COVID-19: Prepare for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Disaster Purchasing: How Does GSA function during a National Emergency like Coronavirus?

How to Find and Win Government Contract Opportunities

8(a) STARS III: The 8a Opportunity You Won’t Want to Miss

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 1.0 is here!

Ethics in Government Sales and Contracting

Schedule 70 Cyber SIN: 4 Topics You’ll Definitely Need to Cover for Your Technical Oral Evaluation

Is GSA Consulting Right for You?

GSA MAS Consolidation Phase II:  Current GSA Contractors

Why You Should Discuss GSA Consulting Before Managing the Process In-House

You May Now Qualify as a Small Business

How to Use Contractor Team Arrangements

ASTRO: The Drone/UAV Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss

Identify Your Best Opportunities with NAICS Codes

What Does It Mean to be GSA Approved?

Could Suspension and Debarment Happen to You?

5 Tips for Selling on GSA Advantage!®

What Are Government Contract Vehicles?

Partnering with a Reseller: How to Determine If It’s The Right Choice for Your Business

NAICS codes 101 in 2019

GSA Contract Compliance? What’s that?

The GSA Assessment Process: What You Should Know

5 Ways to tell a Contractor Teaming Arrangement from a Subcontracting Agreement

What is GSA Pricing?

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips for Government Contractors

Don't Lose Your GSA Schedule Contract!

GSA Contract Consultants: What You Should Know Before Hiring One

Multiple Award Schedule Consolidation: Your First Glance at the Updates

The New Supply Chain Security FAR Interim Rule and How it Could Affect Your Schedule

GSA Updates Unique Entity Identifier

Upcoming MAS Consolidation: Get Excited For What’s To Come

Small Business Administration Announces Revised Table of Size Standards

What Are The Phases of the GSA Schedules Consolidation?

What You Need to Know About the GSA MAS Consolidation

15 Government Contracting Tips from Winvale Client Govplace

How to Sell to the Government

IdenTrust Discontinues ACES Digital Certificates

Everything You Need to Know About GSA eBuy

What is a CAGE Code?

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

Federal Government Breaks Records with $120 Billion to Small Businesses

What Is GSA IT Schedule 70?

Top Five Cybersecurity Requirements for Government Contractors

What You Need to Know About the Changes the SBA are Making to the Woman-Owned Small Business Federal Contract (WOSB) Program

Bill H.R. 2083 Presents Big Opportunity for Schedule 84 Contractors

25 Government Contracting Acronyms and Abbreviations

The New Is Coming

A Complete List of GSA Schedules

GSA Schedule 84: Here’s What You Need to Know

The Basics of Government Marketing

GSA Debuts Phase 2 of E-Commerce Portal Pilot Program

Benefits and Disadvantages of the GSA Schedule

Can I Sell to the Federal Government Without a GSA Schedule?

NAICS Codes – What Do They Mean for Your Business?

A GSA Schedule 70 Checklist: Everything You Need to Obtain the Contract

Prepare Your Commercial Sales Practices for a GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Spending Reaches New Heights

How to Grow Your Business with GSA Schedule Management

Spring into the new Sales Reporting Portal

5 FAQs About the GSA Professional Services Schedule

GSA to Combine the Schedules Program

Should You Hire a GSA Schedule Consultant?

Ensuring your GSA Schedule is TAA Compliant

As a GSA Schedule Contractor, You Need to Understand These Cyber Risks

Government Shutdown 2019: What it Means for GSA

The Pros & Cons of Getting on a GSA Schedule

What Do I Need to Do to Be GSA Compliant?

How Do I Get a GSA Schedule Contract?

GSA Announces Transformation of Multiple Award Schedules Program

Mergers and Acquisitions Fine Print: Contract Novation

4 Surprising Changes to GSA’s Professional Services Schedule Will Have You Submitting an Offer ASAP

CISA 2018: Big News for US Government Contractors

Contract Renewal Challenges for GSA MAS Contract Holders

GSA Issues RFI with Potential Changes to IT Schedule 70’s Software SINs

The GSA Application Process: How Long Will It Take?

House of Representatives Approves Bill in Effort to Ensure Supply Chain Safety

Best Practices for GSA Invoicing and IFF Reporting

The Federal Drone Market Has Taken Off

SIN 132-20 is Coming to GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 36 to Undergo Major SIN Updates

As Wildfire Trends Increase, More Opportunities to Help Arise

The Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business

Create and Maintain a Code of Ethics

Procurement Through e-Commerce Portals

Transitioning to

A Deeper Look into Best-In-Class (BIC) Contract Vehicles

GSA Double Verification VSC Password

Making Things Quicker and Easier: IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard

How to Understand GSA Order Level Materials (OLMs) Final Rule in 5 Easy Steps

GSA Contractors: How to Consolidate SINs in 4 Easy Steps

5 Important Tips That May Make You Better at Using SIP

Four Tips to Help Get the Most out of Your GSA MAS Contract

It’s Gonna Be May-hem: How to Prep for Your GSA Contractor Assessment

How to Keep Your GSA Contract Free of Weeds

Resources to Grow your Government Contracting Knowledge

It’s Spending Spree Season: Start Preparing for Fourth Quarter Spending

The Top Three Reasons You Should be Keeping up with Federal News

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Schedule 56/66/73 Industry Day Debrief

Bid Protesting

Top 10 Government Abbreviations you Need to Know

Procurement in Commercial E-commerce Portals

Top five IT Industry NAICS codes Spending Trends

NAICS codes: Is your Company a Small Business? 

Blockchain fever in 2018 - beyond Bitcoin 

Think TAA’s Substantial Transformation clauses are tough? Advisory Rulings can Help

Network like a pro in 2018

NEW research on trends in contract wins

Mass Modifications – Stay up to date with Solicitation Updates

What you need to know about GSA Schedule 70’s newest cybersecurity SIN

PSS Refresh 28: More than Meets the Eye

GSA Mas Mod Updates

Back to Basics: GSA eBuy

Government Sales are more Transparent than You Think - A Beginner’s Guide to FOIA Requests

The McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act and what It means for Your GSA Contract

Your GSA Schedule: The False Claims Act and the Mandatory Disclosure Rule

Back to Basics: Fair and Reasonable Pricing

What Government Contractors need to know about the TAA

McDowell v. CGI Federal, Inc. – A Lesson for Government Contractors

GSA Plans to Update Schedule 84 SINs

FedMall is Here!

Schedule 70 Contractor? What You Need to Know about Health IT SIN 132-56

5 Things to Cut from Your Streamlined Proposal

Finding Your Small Business Recipe for Success

Building a Small Business from the Ground Up – Appealing to the Federal Government

The Five Star General Overview of Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

GSA Adds 10 New SINs to Schedule 738 X

IT Startups: Spring into Success on GSA’s $15 Billion Schedule 70

Changes Announced for all GSA Schedules in April 2017

Women in Business: Making Cents of Government Marketing

Women in Business: WOSB and EDWOSB Sole Source Advantage

Women in Business: It’s Worth Being a WOSB

Crunch Time: #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Delay Getting the New GSA Cyber SINs

Top 3 Trends to Watch with the Trump Administration – A Procurement Prospectus

Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) has Arrived at GSA Schedule 70

The 5 W’s of GSA Schedules: Who, What, Where, When and Why

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Why It Matters

GSA’s New Cybersecurity SINs are Now Open for Offers

One Change Women-Owned Small Businesses Can Make to Boost Federal Opportunities

A Beginner's Guide To GSA's FPT (Formatted Product Tool)

An Executive Overview of GSA's FPT (Formatted Product Tool)

IT-70 Prepares For a New Addition With the Creation of a Cyber Security SIN

GSA Rolls out Transactional Data Reporting Pilot Program

10 Important Facts About the New Health IT SIN

5 Tips to Leverage the Q4 Spending Spree

Everything You Need to Know About the HCaTS Contract Vehicle

Breaking Down PACTSII

Beginners Guide to Q4 Spending

Acquiring an NCAGE Code and Registering With SAM

How ITES-3s is Helping the Army Reach It's 2016 Goals

Big Changes Coming for the Service Contract Act and GSA Schedules

New FAR ‘Final Rule’ Imposes Security Safeguard Requirements for Contractor Information Systems

The Quarterly Reporting Guide for State and Local Contractors

Why a Curated Blog Should be Part of Your Government Marketing Strategy

GSA Pushing an Urgent TAA Violation Initiative

Department of Justice Continues to Improve the IT Industry With ITSS-5

Winvale Wins ‘Tech Company of the Year’ from Chesapeake Regional Tech Council (Press Release)

Compliance Enforcements Coming to Small Business Subcontracting Plans

Top 5 Benefits of GSA’s New Schedule 70 Health IT SIN

GSA Announces IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard Initiative

March Announcement of New T4NG Primes

GSA GovHacks Part I: How to Create a GSA Proposal That Succeeds

Now That You Have Your PSS Contract – What’s Next?

The Small Business Set-Aside

Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 3 Small Business (CIO SP3 SB)

3 Things You Need to Know About GSA’s FASt Lane Pilot Program

GSA Introduces Changes to Schedule 738x

Ten Things Every Government Contractor Should Know About Public Sector Proposal Writing

Your SEWP V Contract Questions Answered

PSS Migration Through Schedule Input Program (SIP)

Everything You Need to Know About Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

GSA Announces New Developments at 2016 OSBU Spring Conference

New Health IT SIN Shakes Up the $60 Billion GSA OASIS Contract

Succeeding as a Government Reseller Using Letter of Supply

Are You Ready for Major GSA Contract Changes?

SBA Implements Revision to Small-Business Size Standards

Alliant 2 and Alliant SB 2: What You Need to Know

Top Three Benefits of Partnering on Winvale’s GSA Schedule

How to Find Partners Using GSA eLibrary in 5 Easy Steps

New Schedule 70 Health IT SIN

Are You Updating Your Registration Correctly?

Is the Mentor-Protégé Program Right for Your Government Business Strategy?

What is GSA Advantage!®?

Category Management: a New Model for U.S. Federal Contracting

How to Handle Travel Costs Under a GSA Task Order

How Much Time Should Your Organization Dedicate to Research?

Three Functions to Avoid TAA Non-Compliance

What to Expect During GSA's Credit & Financial Reviews

Schedule 84 Refresh Introduces New SINs for 2016

Discounting Practices: Consistency is Important

How to Handle Post Award Debriefs

Contract Extension – Don’t Wait

GSA Eliminates Duplicate Part Number Requirements for GSA Advantage!

What is Considered a GSA sale? Tips for IFF Reporting

Diversifying Your Contract Portfolio with NASPO ValuePoint

Is Past Project Experience Getting Your Offer Rejected?

Government Contracting: How to Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

What You Need to Know About the $50 Billion EIS Contract

Personal Email Breaches – The Keys to an Organization’s Most Sensitive Data

The New GSA Advantage! Portal – What You Need to Know

Do I Really Need a GSA Schedule to Win Government Contracts?

Highlights of GSA’s New Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Why Market Research is the Key to Success for Government Contractors

The Advantage of Pursuing a Sources Sought Notice

Top 5 Tips for Successful Proposal Writing

Top 10 GSA Schedule Facts

How to Win Federal Contract Awards off a GSA Schedule

Is Increasing Independence of Contracting Officers the Right Solution?

Ashley Madison Breach Exposes More Than Just Cheating

Five Quick Strategies to Grow Your Government Contracting Business

Professional Services Schedule Migration – The Time is Upon Us

Large State and Local Procurement Vehicles

Why Small Businesses Should Diversify Their Government Contract Vehicle Portfolio

Top 5 Things to Do After Being Awarded a GSA Schedule

Hiring a GSA Schedule Consultant: Questions & Red Flags

What Is OSDBU - the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization?

GSA Transactional Data Reporting Pilot Program Raises Concerns for GSA Contractors

Updating Your GSA Schedule: Top 10 Most Forgotten Updates

Selling to the Government - Session 2: Proposal and GovOpp Best Practices

GSA Advantage Success: A finely tuned I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist

Selling to the Government: 8 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Cyber Threats & Privacy Concerns in the Public Sector

US Army’s $25 Billion ITES-3S IT MAC Is Coming

GSA's $60-Billion Alliant 2 GWAC Is About to Be Released: Are You Prepared?

Selling to the Government: Understand the Government Proposal Process

The Privacy Act of 1974

Preparing for a Contractor Assistance Visit

Government Data Breaches Show the Interconnectedness of Unrelated Cyber Attacks

Request for Proposals: To Bid or Not to Bid

FedRAMP Is Finally ‘Ramping Up' Its Program

Are You Ready for the Navy's Multi-Billion Dollar SeaPort-e Contract?

How User Credentials Are Stolen

What is NASPO ValuePoint?

Selling to the Government: Top 5 Ways To Be Proactive

Third Party Data Breaches - Not My Problem!

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

Selling to the Government - Session 1: Building Your Government Practice

Government Proposals: Why You Need Graphics in Your RFP Responses

Do You Use GSA eTools to Spy on Competitors?

What Is the Prompt Payment Rule?

The Importance of Identity Management: Understanding the Lesson of the Target Breach

New GAO Report: Federal Agencies Report Incorrect Data to SBA

8(a) Business Development Program: The Benefits

GSA Professional Services Schedule Update: The Latest

Cyber Attacks Increasing on Law Enforcement and Public Officials

Government Contractors: Time to Focus on Cyber Security

Selling to the Government: Building your Government Sales Practice

GSA Schedule Audit Issues and the Top 10 Compliance Risks

So You Want To Increase Your GSA Prices?

What Does TAA Compliance Mean?

Major Small Business Government Contract Vehicles

What Are the Best Practices for Researching Federal Business Opportunities?

The GSA Schedule Program – 2 Sides to Every Coin

Getting Professional Proposal Support: The Dos and Don'ts

Having a GSA Schedule is More Important to Your Government Practice Than Ever Before

Contractors: Don't Depend on FedBizOpps and Ebuy

Avoid GSA Rejection: Choose the Right SIN

From the GSA: Audit Frequency and Scrutiny to Increase

Government Marketing: 10 Tips for Ramping Up Your Government Marketing

Watch out for GSA's New Mass Modifications!

7 Common RFP Mistakes That You Can (and Should!) Avoid

How Have Contractor Assistance Visits Changed?

Changes to Professional Services GSA Schedules: The Latest

How Should You "Federalize" Your Brand?

Can I Participate in Government Bids Without a GSA Schedule?

After Righting the Ship, GSA’s Captain Moving On

Do You Know How to Find Your Competitors' Government Customers?

How Should I Prepare for My Contractor Assistance Visit?

Follow the Money: Who Are the Big Buyers from GSA Schedules?

GSA Scams: GSA Applications Sued by Florida Attorney General & Settles with the Department of Labor

Your GSA Schedule Cancelation: How Should You Handle It?

Think Your Government Sales Are Exempt from Sales Tax?

Is the New SIN for Cloud Services Rolling In? Not So Fast!

Download Changes to Professional Services GSA Schedules Presentation

GSA Announces Big Changes to Professional Services GSA Schedules

Download Successful Liquidity & Exit Strategies for Government Contractors

How Can I Expedite My GSA Schedule Proposal Review?

What to Expect During a Contractor Assistance Visit

GSA: New Professional Labor Qualifications Review During Contractor Assistance Visits

Federal Reseller Liability Under the US Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

New SAM.GOV Rule

How to Market to the Government – B2G Marketing

Interview with Brian Miller at GSA’s Office of the Inspector General

Great IT Assets Come with Great Responsibilities

Spring Cleaning For Your Service Desk

4 Steps to Solving ITSM & ITAM Challenges

IT Information Exchange at the DC Exchange

The Misconception of IT Service & Asset Management Integration

IT Service Management in 2014: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Reality of FedRAMP 2014 is Here!

Competing to Win Expiring Government Contracts

10 Things Every Government Contractor Should Know about Public Sector Proposal Writing

Defense Budget Deal Raises Cap for Authorized Spending in FY2014

Service Desk Software Helps the Developmentally Disabled in the Buckeye State

Government Making Strides to Improve IT Procurement

6 Ways IT Service Management Can Change Your Organization

7 Tips to Successful IT Asset Management

Growing Business after a Government Shutdown and Fiscal Crisis

BusinessUSA Nominated for IT Program of the Year

Infographic: 5 Best Practices for Improving Customer Service

Government Agencies Upgrading to Windows 7 for Security

What the Government Shutdown Means for Government Contractors

Survey Reveals 97% of Executives Place High Value on Becoming a Socially Enabled Enterprise

Government Saves Time, Money, and Resources with Improved Help Desk Software

CPARS Improves Government & Contractor Communication

Maximize Your Online Community to Increase Citizen Engagement

SaaS for Government IT Help Desks, Can It Be Done?

Update Your GSA Price List Before the End of Fiscal Year

Successful Career Development for Baby Boomers to Millennial Generation

How the Disaster Purchasing Program Can Grow Your GSA Sales

GSA eBuy Goes Mobile

Small & Large Businesses Search for an OASIS

7 Steps to Developing Great Leaders

Get Schooled Using Year End Funds

A Summer of Winning Government Business at Winvale

Are You Really a Small Business? Changing Small Business Standards

Moving Forward: The Need to Migrate to Windows 7

Best Practices for Government Customer Service

Government Whistleblowing on the Rise

Reverse Auctions and the Changing Competition Climate

75% of Government Don’t Understand Mobile Device Management

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity

Government and Industry are in the Clouds

Past Performance Skeletons in Your Closet?

How to Reduce Your Agency’s Recruiting Costs

Preserving our Documents for the Future

Asset Management Technology Enables 7 Million Americans to Receive Electricity Safely

Minimum Sales Criteria Conundrum

8(a) Fraud, 8 Plead Guilty

RFP-EZ Pilot Flies High

Digital Certificates and How They Affect You

IRS Spent $50M over Three Years on Employee Conferences

The Government wants YOU! (And Your Input on Cybersecurity Acquisition)

GSA Seeks to Expand Role despite Tighter Budgets

Amazon Web Services is 3rd Company to be FedRAMP Certified

GSA Owes Over $3 Million to Small Business Contractors

Shrinking Physical Space, Growing Government Innovation

Open Data: The Latest Step toward Fed-Gov Transparency

State of North Carolina Social Media Archive

Is Your HR Recruiting in the Cloud?

House and Senate at Odds over Cybersecurity

The Government IT Opportunities We Don’t Even Know About

FAA’s Supercomputer to Make Space Tourism a Reality

PortfolioStat Reduces Costs of IT Services

Proposal to Cut Employees from Government Agencies

The Navy Has the Cloud in its Sails

DOD Faces Difficult Financial Decisions Following Sequestration

Cybersecurity Requires Public and Private Sector to Join Forces

Billions in Savings Lost Due to Ignored IG Recommendations

The One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) RFP Released

Risks of Unsecured Data Transfers

Government Internal Communication Increases Collaboration & Efficiency to Reduce Spending Cyber Security Breach Reported

Mobile Device Security: The Government’s Response

FedRAMP Process Slowing Down for 2013

Cybersecurity Protectors are Scarce as Demand Increases

Impact of the Sequester on Small Businesses is Unclear

EPEAT: Big News for Schedule 58 I Contractors

Transparency Needed To Protect Small Business from Federal Insourcing

New Cybersecurity Policies Named in Executive Order

One Sequestration, Many Proposed Solutions

Government Saving in the Midst of Sequestration

Crime Fighting Mobile Technology: Police Incorporating Mobile Apps and Social Media

Second Major FedRAMP Cloud Service Provider is CGI Federal

Contractors Find Success Utilizing Cloud Technologies and FedRAMP

#SocialMedia and Texting Changes Emergency Response Sector

Government Looks to Expand Opportunities for WOSBs

The Necessity of BYOD Policy Implementation

Government Use of Social Media is a Two-Way Street

Mobile Device Management: the Talk of the Town

Obama Signs Small Business Legislation Just in Time

FedRAMP is Alive in 2013

House and Senate in Battle over Small Business Goals

FedRAMP Endorsements and Setbacks

Federal Contract Spending Decreases from Strategic Sourcing

Federal Cyber Security: Securing by Decentralizing?

#OpenGovernment: How Open is too Open?

GSA Unveils a GWACs Dashboard to the Public

SBA Steps Up HUBZone Outreach Efforts

IT Contractors Must Prepare for 2013 Sequestration

Cloud Makes or Breaks Government IT after Hurricane Sandy

How Agencies Are Wasting Space and Money on Documents

OMB Stresses Importance of Prompt Payment to Small Businesses

A Look into the Top 50 Fastest Growing Federal Contractors of 2012

Private Sector Response to Government IT Reform Act

Future of the Cloud with FedRAMP

Small Businesses Shine in NASA SEWP IV

Continuous Monitoring: The New Phase of IT Security

Bridging the Gap - Government Agencies and the Average Joe

Mobile Device Management – The Future is BYOD

FISMA Audit Discovers Deficiencies in GSA’s Security Program

GSA is Government’s Newest Penny Pincher

The Future of Government Contracting, Obama & Romney Weigh In

The State of Government Cloud Computing – A Challenging Movement

Presidential Elections – All About the Green

Government Agencies Struggle with Citizen Communication during Natural Disasters

New NYC Surveillance Systems See it All

Progress on Data Center Consolidation Initiative

The Quality of Your Knowledge Base Can Effect a Child’s Life

VA Announces Increased IT Spending for FY2013

U.S. Cyber Command Chief says the US gets a Failing Grade in Cyber Security

Criminal Justice IT Compliance

Cyber Security & Social Media – Understanding the Connection

Tier 1 Helpdesks – To Outsource or Not To Outsource?

The VA and GSA Moving Forward With Major IT Contracts

Cyber Security at the Olympics – A Public or Private Concern?

Customer Service with Social Media Makes Happy Citizens

Sequestration Causes Need for Superior Sales Strategy in Federal Market

Texas Makes Plans for the Advancement of Statewide Information Technology

GSA Trade Agreements Act Violation - $1MM settlement for the DOJ

Get Connected With GSA

Mobile Device Lock Down

Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory Serves as a Model for Cloud Platforms

Save Money and Time with the Modular Contracting Approach

Department of Defense Mobile Device Strategy

OIG Puts out the Verdict on the General Service Administration

FedRAMP Launches New Certification Process

The Internet - A Low Cost Channel for Fraud

BYOD: Security Focus Shifts From Device to Data

Big Data Commission to Provide Guidance to Public and Private Sector

DDoS Attacks: Coming to a Network Near You

DoD Copes With Waning Procurement Budget

Human Resources IT Movement Improves Business Processes

Steady Rise in Spending on Multiple-Award Contracts

Defense Industrial Base Program Expansion

Progress in FedRAMP Cloud Initiative

England College First to Use Location Technology to Increase Visibility of Students

Big Data Equals Big Opportunities

Next on the Horizon for FedGov - Mobile Device Expansion

Federal Government Prepares to Launch FedRAMP Initiative

Securing the cloud through Identity Management

Government and Military Officials Will Soon Receive Classified Materials on Smartphones

U.S Government Agencies Switching Lanes from Blackberry to iPhones

Are you training your future leaders?

Federal CIO pushes US Agencies into Mobile Device Management

Public Kundra Goes Private

TAA Compliance

The Price Reduction Clause

In-Sourcing and Budget Cuts: The Implication for Human Capital Management

Past Performance Evaluation Report 101 - What you Need to Know

New Extension Process Coming this Fall!

When can I invoice the government? Inspection and Acceptance

Operating in the Red? GSA and your Financial Statements

A GSA Contractor’s “Code of Business Ethics and Conduct”

President Obama’s Alternative-fuel Vehicles

The New “One Stop Shop” Government Contractor Database: SAM

Product Comparisons for GSA Schedule 84 eMod

GSA’s Mentor-Protege Program

Updates to the Service Contract Act

GSA Working to Improve the Sustainability of Buildings

Communication is Key, but what is the Key to Communication?

GSA Working to Improve the Sustainability of Buildings

SBA’s new 8(m) Women Owned Small Business Program!

FAPIIS - GSA Contractor Performance Exposed!

GSA Schedule Sales Query

VetBiz Status Verification

Improvements made to E-Verify

Understanding the 8(a) Business Development Program

GSA Schedule 56 Goes Green!

What is MarkeTips?

Small Business Teaming Pilot Program

GSA Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

More Government Budget Cuts - Updated

US Trade Agreements Act of 1979

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Section 1122 Program

The Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program

Do You Feel Left Out? Bid Protests 101

GSA’s Better Buy Project

A Different Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

GSA takes email to the Cloud

GSA’s New Small Business Greenhouse Gas Disclosure Pilot Program

SDB Self Certifications

CIO-SP3 Proposal Opportunity

The 411 on the Veterans Administration

Going Green - the New Black for 2011!

Dun & Bradstreet and GSA

Country of Origin Determinations

GSA Led Team Releases FedRAMP Requirements for Public Comment

So You Want a Security Clearance?

The SDVOSB Business Helper

Changes to the WOSB Program

Searching for Contract Opportunities?

Innovative Economies under SBA’s Cluster Initiative

GSA vs. GSA Credit & Finance: What’s the Difference?

How Fast Can I Expect a GSA Contract Award?

Today’s Small Business

COMSATCOM SIN’s 132-54 & 132-55: The New IACC Form

Hey Big Spender! GSA Releases FY2011 Per Diem Rates

The SDVOSB Business

GSA Contractor Assistance Visits

“Good Faith Effort” in Small Business Subcontracting Plans

Schoolyard Tactics in a Contractor Team Arrangement

GSA Evergreen Extensions

Uncle Sam in the Clouds