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A Complete List of Multiple Award Schedule Large Categories Blog Feature
Isabel Sabie

By: Isabel Sabie on November 23rd, 2020

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A Complete List of Multiple Award Schedule Large Categories

GSA Schedule | 6 Min Read

Prior to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation, contractors looking to sell to the federal government would prepare offers under one of the 24 individual GSA Schedules organized by industry. In order to simplify and modernize the federal procurement process, the General Services Administration (GSA) recently made changes to how it organizes the Schedules through which federal agencies buy goods and services from contractors. Instead of 24 individual Schedules, there is now a single Multiple Award Schedule that houses 12 Large Categories. 

This was a major change for GSA Schedule contractors and the transition is still happening as GSA moves to Phase 3 of the MAS Consolidation. Let’s go through these changes and what each of the 12 Large Categories represent. 

How the GSA Multiple Award Schedule is Organized 

The MAS Consolidation merged the 24 individual Schedules into a new, singular Schedule known as the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). The MAS Schedule is arranged into 12 Large Categories which correspond to different industries. Each Large Category houses several subcategories, and each subcategory houses several Special Item Numbers (SINs). Now, instead of preparing offers under different Schedules, contractors prepare offers under the Large Categories and SINs on the singular MAS.

Benefits of the MAS Consolidation

The MAS Consolidation has greatly simplified the federal procurement process for both government buyers and GSA contractors. Requirements for each Large Category have largely been standardized and it’s easier for federal buyers to find a total solution when they only need to search through one Schedule. GSA Schedule contractors who wish to offer goods and services previously located on multiple Schedules no longer have to prepare separate offers.

As consultants, we know that in order to take full advantage of the benefits of the MAS Consolidation, it’s essential both prospective and current federal contractors are well-versed in the Large Categories housed by the MAS. One of the most important steps for prospective federal contractors is to determine which Large Category and SIN(s) you want to sell to the government under.

Large Categories in the Multiple Award Schedule 

If current contractors wish to expand the scope of their contract, then they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the current Large Categories and their requirements. Below is a complete list and a brief summary of each of the Large Categories. Further information about each Large Category can be found at

Large Category A: Office Management

Large category A covers products and services that are necessary for federal agencies to create and maintain a functioning office space. This includes office supplies, printers and copiers, record management, and audiovisual products and services.  

Large Category B: Facilities

Large Category B includes products and services that are necessary to manage federal property and facilities, including grounds maintenance services and equipment, custodial supplies and services, restroom products, doors and windows, roofing products and services, HVAC repair, and pest control systems. This category also covers temporary/permanent building structures and food service equipment.

Large Category C: Furniture & Furnishings

Large Category C includes furniture products and services necessary to furnish a variety of building types. This includes furnishing products and services for offices, fitness centers, playgrounds, hospitals, and households.

Large Category D: Human Capital

Large Category D includes general Human Capital management, including background investigations, support for workers compensation and benefits, human resources services, and social and behavioral counseling services.

Large Category E: Industrial Products and Services

Large Category E offers a variety of industrial and hardware goods and services, such as cleaning supplies, machinery and components, testing supplies, industrial products and maintenance, and packaging.

Large Category F: Information Technology

Large Category F covers a wide variety of IT Products and Services offerings. This category includes IT hardware, such as desktops and laptops. It also includes IT services, such as network services, data record management, cloud services, software, IT training, and telecommunications.

Large Category G: Miscellaneous

Large Category G houses several miscellaneous categories, such as apparel, awards and medals, flags, musical instruments, and personal care items. This Large Category also houses several support SINs which are used to supplement other SIN offerings. These cover any support services or supplies that are necessary to carry out an individual task or delivery order.

Large Category H: Professional Services

Large Category H covers a wide range of professional management and consulting services. This includes business administrative services, marketing, financial consulting, project management, environmental consulting and remediation services, legal services, and non-IT and engineering services.

Large Category I: Scientific Management and Solutions

Large Category I covers laboratory and medical equipment solutions. This includes laboratory equipment, medical equipment, and testing services.

Large Category J: Security and Protection

Large Category J includes personnel and property protection solutions, including protective equipment, security personnel and systems, and evidence collection services. 

Large Category K: Transportation and Logistics Services

Large Category K covers products and services related to vehicles and transportation. This includes automotive repair, non-combat motor vehicles, and package delivery/transportation of items.

Large Category L: Travel

Large Category L includes consulting to assist federal agencies in meeting travel needs. This includes lodging and miscellaneous travel services.

Where Does Your Business Fit in?        

If you want to look at a comprehensive list of contractors that currently do business under each of the Large Categories, you can refer to GSA eLibrary. There’s a large variety of goods and services covered in the MAS program, and nearly every business can find a niche within the federal marketplace. If you’re struggling to find which category or SIN your business fits into, or if you’re looking to expand the scope of your contract into new categories, Winvale is here to help.

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