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Chelsea Hemphill

As the Marketing Coordinator, Chelsea Hemphill develops and executes all marketing campaigns for Winvale. Targeting her audience, Chelsea enjoys creating information that will educate and resonate with Winvale Clients. She appreciates the opportunity to help Government Contracting hopefuls learn about the government marketplace and how to capitalize on their business differentiators. Her goal is to express the Wivnale common vision and team culture in written form. Prior to joining the Winvale team, she developed and implemented marketing and social media marketing strategies that target B2B & B2G, at Cyber Security and Microsoft technology companies such as Global Risk Advisors and Planet Technologies. Working at News Organizations, PR firms, and Advertising Agencies have helped her cultivate her approach to inbound marketing that increases the customer base and build brand awareness. Chelsea Hemphill has a BA in Journalism and Marketing.

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Building a Small Business from the Ground Up – Appealing to the Federal Government

By: Chelsea Hemphill
May 22nd, 2017

Client Spotlight  - Avilar Technologies Inc, a Veteran Owned Small Business. At the dawn of the Internet era, Tom Grobicki, CEO of Avilar Technologies began envisioning a world with technological advances that would eventually propel the software industry and subsequently help the armed forces. After serving in the US Air Force and cultivating over 25 years of software development experience, Tom determined that the key to enterprise success was its people. After being in the ROTC and then serving as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, Tom oversaw operations at the office of SYSCON Corporation, which provided software engineering support to the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. He regarded himself and his colleagues as futurists, which would accurately describe their efforts towards projects they worked on. While there, he interacted with the Department of Defense and other agencies. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Duke University and would later obtain his Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado, as well as Master of Science degree in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University. He then joined AdaSoft, Inc. where he continued as a leader of several advanced technology assessment projects at the Applied Physics Laboratory. A true starting point was the innovations Tom developed for combat system training. From there, Tom ventured into competency management, workforce planning, and eLearning. Avilar Technologies was founded in 1997.

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