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Sonja Roberts

Sonja Roberts is the Public Sector Director at Winvale with the charter of growing the business in support of companies who are looking to Winvale for our depth of knowledge and direct access as a conduit to partner sales. Sonja’s career led her through a decade of engineering experience – providing a strong depth of understanding of how government agencies develop and realize requirements for their mission needs. Sonja is an Aerospace Engineering graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder and holds a Professional certification in Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

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Government Business Development

Government Solicitation Q&A Best Practices

By: Sonja Roberts
June 28th, 2021

So you have been following a pending government solicitation for months (maybe years), you have met with the customer and completed a solution demo, you have attended all the industry days, formed your team, followed the capture processes and best practices, and your team is ready for the solicitation to come out (or potentially the draft solicitation). You get the notification that it has been posted, you download it, open it up and start reading. Three pages in you’ll see statement like the one below:

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