Can I Sell to the Federal Government without a GSA Schedule? Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on June 27th, 2013

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Can I Sell to the Federal Government without a GSA Schedule?

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Yes, but that does not mean you should. The GSA Schedules program is the premier acquisition vehicle in the federal government. GSA Schedules handle about $50 billion a year in spending, which accounts for 10 percent of overall federal procurement spending.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts streamline the government procurement process. Federal agencies prefer GSA Schedule contracts over alternative schedules because using a GSA Schedule ensures vendors are selling at the best prices possible, and all compliance laws are met. Attempting to sell to the federal government without using GSA Schedule contracts may make your company less appealing to federal government buyers and can lengthen the procurement process. Items that are not on a GSA Schedule contract may be included on a Schedule order, but only under certain circumstances. These items must still go through the same scrutiny as those items on the GSA Schedule.

The GSA does offer several alternatives to schedules. These alternatives include the GSA Global Supply, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and subcontracting opportunities. GSA Global Supply is used primarily for ordering office supplies and tools. GWACs are a GSA Schedule alternative for the procurement of information technology. The GSA also maintains a subcontracting directory which allows small businesses to contact prime contractors directly. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but GSA Schedules are still considered the leading contract vehicle for government procurement.

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