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Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes in GSA Schedule Modifications Blog Feature
Patrick Morgans

By: Patrick Morgans on November 15th, 2023

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Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes in GSA Schedule Modifications

GSA Schedule | Resources and Insight | 5 Min Read

It happens to every GSA Schedule contractor at one point or another. After you’re worked hard at preparing a modification, submitted it, and gotten excited about the upcoming changes to your GSA Schedule, you receive an email informing you that the modification will be rejected.

Unfortunately, a minor mistake sets you back to square one and you have to revise and resubmit the modification, losing valuable time. Don’t let this be you! Read ahead and we will set you up for success by discussing some common mistakes that businesses make and how you can avoid them on your way to successfully modifying your GSA Schedule.

Mistake #1: Not Reviewing the MAS Modification Guide

GSA’s MAS Modification Guide will be your best friend whenever submitting a GSA Schedule modification. It contains general guidance, checklists of what you will need to do to complete each mod type, and Frequently Asked Questions. It is updated frequently, so check GSA’s Modifications and Mass Modification Guidance webpage for the latest version. I would recommend always reviewing the checklist for the mod type you are submitting to make sure you’ve done everything you need before you submit any modification. Not submitting current, accurate, and complete documentation is grounds for your Contracting Officer rejecting a modification.

Mistake #2: Using Outdated or Incorrect Templates

Many of the templates you will be using for GSA Schedule modifications undergo regular updates, especially the Price Proposal Template (PPT). You should regularly check the Modifications and Mass Modification Guidance and MAS Scope and Templates GSA webpages to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date versions of templates, especially after a Solicitation Refresh.

Also, make sure you are submitting using the correct template. You should be submitting Modification Templates rather than Offer Price Proposal Templates for modifications. In addition, there may be a Price Proposal Template specific to one or more of the Special Item Numbers (SINs) on your Schedule. If there is, it will appear under the Category Specific Attachments and Templates section of the MAS Scope and Templates webpage.

Mistake #3: Selecting the Wrong Type of Modification in eMod

There are many different types of GSA Schedule modifications, and you will want to make sure that you are selecting the correct one when you submit your modification through eMod. Some mod types can be very similar e.g. an Add SIN modification vs. an Add Product Modification.

Since the process to submit a modification can vary based on the mod type you select, it is very important that you select the correct one. You can read more about the different types of mod in the MAS Modification Guide or in the eMod help center.

Mistake #4: Not Giving GSA Enough Time to Review

While some modifications, such as Administrative, Delete, and Technical modifications, are usually approved quickly, there are others, particularly those affecting pricing, that tend to take longer. If possible, always give yourself and your Contracting Officer breathing room by submitting modifications well in advance of the time by which you need the changes to be in place. If a modification urgently needs to be approved, reach out to your Contracting Officer and provide information and ideally documentation of the urgent need e.g. a pending RFQ.

Mistake #5: Pushing off Modifications

Your GSA Schedule is a living document, and changes are often required to ensure that it remains up-to-date and compliant. Many contractors, however, may forget or push off modifications. This can lead to lost opportunities for business, misrepresentations on your GSA Schedule, outdated contact information, and even noncompliance.

To avoid this, make sure that you are proactively identifying which changes to your business require a modification to your GSA Schedule. Did your prices change? Was your company recently acquired? Did your business size designation change? All of these changes are likely to require a modification. If you put off or forget a required modification, you run the risk of getting in hot water with GSA on your next assessment visit or missing out on relevant opportunities.

Mistake #6: Neglecting Mandatory Mass Modifications

Not all modifications are voluntary. Occasionally, GSA releases mandatory mass modifications, which contractors are required to accept. Contractors should sign these within 90 days of release in the Mass Mod Portal. If these mass modifications are not accepted, your Contracting Officer may refuse to process any modifications that you submit. All authorized negotiators on your GSA Schedule will receive notifications of these mass modifications and can sign them, so make sure all pending mandatory mass modifications are accepted before submitting a new GSA Schedule modification.

Mistake #7: Not Reviewing the SF-30 Before Signing It

Standard Form 30 (SF-30) Amendment Of Solicitation/Modification Of Contract is the document that officially awards your modification. As a GSA Schedule holder, you likely breathe a sigh of relief whenever you get the notification that the modification is approved and ready for signature in eMod. You probably just want to complete the process and get the mod officially awarded. However, don’t let this tempt you to sign the SF-30 without reviewing its contents first.

Contracting Officers are human and can mistakes when entering information on this form. Please make sure that all information on the SF-30 is correct before signing it, especially when it comes to information like discounts, as the SF-30 is the official award document and used as a reference when reviewing your GSA Schedule in the future. If you notice any inaccuracies, reach out to your Contracting Officer to have them fixed.

Do You Need Help Managing Your GSA Schedule?

Finally, some businesses make the mistake of not seeking professional assistance when they need help modifying their GSA Schedule contracts. The GSA Schedule modification process can be complex and confusing, and sometimes it is best to reach out for help if you want to navigate the process successfully. Seeking professional assistance can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that your GSA Schedule modifications are successfully awarded.

Hopefully this list of common mistakes and how to avoid them will help you on your way to success with your GSA Schedule, but if you have any questions about the GSA Schedule modification process, please feel free to reach out to Winvale, and we would be happy to get you in contact with a consultant who can help you through the modification process!


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