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GSA Advantage Success: A finely tuned I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on July 1st, 2015

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GSA Advantage Success: A finely tuned I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist

GSA Schedule | 2 Min Read

gsa-logoThe “Amazon” for government, GSA Advantage, serves as the ultimate online shopping mall exclusively designed for government entities looking to make a purchase. As such, it is here you can find the public sector face of any GSA contractor. With a variety of contractors providing an even larger variety of products and services, GSA needed a way to standardize and present these contractors in a consistent way. In other words, a constant was needed to allow potential buyers to compare contractors and thus choose the company that fit their needs the best. This constant comes to form in the I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist.

The I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist

The I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist is the document that every GSA contractor is required to have attached to their profile in GSA Advantage. With a format pre-determined by GSA, this pricelist contains the basic terms and conditions of a contractor’s contract, and as such is the written proof of the method government buyers can use to do business with you. To use a grocery store analogy, an I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist is essentially the fine print found at the bottom of the receipt. Information that can be found include;

  • Items and Labor Categories Available
  • Maximum/minimum order provisions
  • Geographic Coverage of delivery
  • Points of Production
  • Volume Discounts
  • Prompt Payment Terms
  • Acceptable methods of payment
  • Delivery terms
  • Item Warranties

Just like the fine print on the receipt, all of the above listed information is quietly vital to a potential buyer looking to make a purchase through GSA Advantage. The only thing that may be more important is ensuring the information provided is up to date.

Keeping Up with Your GSA Pricelist

The importance of keeping your I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist up to date has two main fronts, compliance and sales. From a compliance standpoint, as part of a contractor’s decision to become part of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule program, the contractor accepts a series of terms and condition of doing business with the government. Within these terms, is a clause requiring the contract to be up to date within 30 days of any modification to the contract. As with other violations of contract compliance, not adhering to this rule lead to negative ramifications from GSA.

Between All Contractors on GSA Advantage

As stated above, the I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist serves as the one consistent benchmark between all contractors on GSA Advantage. From a sales standpoint, this means that it is the main marker government procurement officials can use to compare a contractor to their competition. Within government procurement, price and terms comparisons are a requirement of all procurement officials before making any sort of purchase. As such, having a pricelist which is not up to date will lead to potential buyers comparing incorrect information or potentially choosing to not even evaluate a contractor at all. Essentially, if one cannot be compared, one cannot be purchased from.

Compliance and sales production are the two keys to being a successful government contractor. As the I-FSS-600 GSA Pricelist can have a profound impact on both of those areas, it is fairly simple to see why keeping your pricelist up to date is key.



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