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How the Disaster Purchasing Program Can Grow Your GSA Sales Blog Feature
Kevin Lancaster

By: Kevin Lancaster on August 19th, 2013

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How the Disaster Purchasing Program Can Grow Your GSA Sales

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Is your company getting the most out of your GSA Schedule? For example do you have access to the Disaster Purchasing Program? If you don’t know what the Disaster Purchasing Program is then your business is probably not participating in the program and could be missing out on valuable state and local government business. The Disaster Purchasing Program is a program that allows state and local governments to buy supplies and services directly from all GSA Schedules in preparation or response to disasters, as well as for recovery from major disasters, or recovery from terrorism, nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiology attack.

The Disaster Purchasing Program has just been expanded to allow state and local governments to purchase off all Federal Supply Schedules in order to, "facilitate disaster preparedness or response," instead of just in preparation or response. This could mean more opportunities for GSA Schedule holders to sell a wider variety of goods and services to state and local governments using their GSA Schedules.

If state and local entities are going to place orders under the Disaster Purchasing program and purchase off your company’s GSA Schedule, they must include the following statement with their orders:

“This order is placed under GSA Schedule number __________________ under the authority of the GSA Disaster Purchasing program. The products and services purchased will be used in preparation or response to disasters or recovery from major disaster declared by the President, or recovery from terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack.”

If you currently hold a GSA Schedule and have agreed to participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, there is no modification required to access this program and accept orders from state and local governments. If you have a GSA Schedule and have not agreed to participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, you will need to contact your Contracting Officer in order to modify your contract and accept orders under this authority, we would be glad to help you with this process. New offerors must agree to participate in the program at the time of award of their GSA Schedule contract.

If you would like to learn more about the State and Local Disaster Recovery Purchasing and this new expansion to the program or how to take part in the program, contact us today.



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