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How to Add Disaster Recovery Purchasing to Your GSA Contract Blog Feature
Stephanie Hagan

By: Stephanie Hagan on August 19th, 2022

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How to Add Disaster Recovery Purchasing to Your GSA Contract

GSA Schedule | Government Business Development | 5 Min Read

As we enter peak hurricane season while continuing to battle the never endless COVID-19 pandemic, government agencies are turning to Disaster Recovery Purchasing for help. Both federal, state, and local agencies can use the GSA Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program to get the supplies they need to mitigate and repair the effects of national emergencies. It's important for GSA contractors to be aware of this program and see what opportunities are available to them. Here's what you need to know about this program and how to add it to your GSA contract. 

What is Disaster Recovery Purchasing?

Before we launch into how to add the Disaster Recovery Purchasing program to your contract, we'll discuss the scope of it. Under the GSA Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, federal, state, and local agencies can purchase supplies and equipment directly from GSA Schedule contractors in response to a Stafford Act Presidential Declaration. These declarations can only be made at the discretion of the President of the United States. Agencies can use this program to prepare for, respond to, or help recover from natural or man-made disasters.

One of the main benefits of this program is it helps agencies, especially state and local, quickly find products and services that have fair and reasonable pricing. In times of great stress and little wiggle room, agencies can be assured they are choosing an efficient and cost-saving route. 

All contractors who opt in to the Disaster Recovery Program will appear in the Disaster Relief section on GSA Advantage!, enabling purchasers to quickly find the products and services they need in times of emergency. Following the start of the pandemic, the section has actually been renamed Disaster Relief and Pandemic Products. Contractors who opt in will also have Disaster Purchasing indicated on their eLibrary page with the following symbol next to their list of categories: Disaster Purchasing.

Who Can Participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program?

All GSA contractors have the option to opt into Disaster Recovery Purchasing. There are no restrictions to certain Large Categories or Special Item Numbers (SINs)

Any agency that typically qualifies to purchase under the GSA Schedule contract may also purchase under Disaster Recovery. In addition, state and local governments may purchase from this program. This includes any state, local, regional, or tribal government, and some educational agencies or institutions. These educational institutions include: 

  • Local elementary, middle, and high schools operated by public school boards
  • Public colleges, community colleges, technical colleges
  • Public universities that provide at least a two-year program that offers a degree or offers credit toward such a degree.

It's important to note that Disaster Purchasing Program is limited to GSA Schedule contracts only and not any other GSA or federal government programs. 

What Products and Services are Purchased through the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program?

As each state government grapples with its own natural disaster challenges, and coronavirus outbreaks, they continue to look to procure myriad support services and emergency supplies. Below is a list of products and services you might find under the Disaster Recovery Program. 

Products include:

  • Electronic/power equipment 
  • Food and cooking supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Personal safety and protection
  • Security 
  • Temporary housing and shelter 

Services include:

  • Building and construction
  • Communications
  • Emergency food
  • Environmental
  • Law enforcement and security 
  • Medical & laboratory 
  • Energy and power
  • Temporary staffing
  • Travel & transportation

How Do I Add Disaster Purchasing to My GSA Contract?

Most contractors opt in to Disaster Purchasing when they initially get their contract, but if you opted out and now wish to add it, there is a specific type of Terms and Conditions modification in the eMod system that will allow you to add it. You'll need to select "yes" or "no" when it asks you whether you want to opt into Disaster Recovery. You'll also need to submit a cover letter detailing the changes that are being made. For more information on the modification, check out the MAS Modification Guide. Once it's approved, you can participate the program. 

Be sure to perform a Schedule Input Program (SIP) upload to update your GSA Advantage! pricelist to show that you allow Disaster Recovery Purchasing, and this icon Disaster Purchasing should be added to your eLibrary page automatically. This icon will easily identify you as a Disaster Recovery Purchasing contractor and will help filter your solutions. 

What Terms and Conditions Apply to Disaster Recovery Purchasing?

All the terms and conditions that apply to typical GSA purchasing also apply to the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, with the following exceptions:

Contractors who choose to participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program are not required to accept all orders through the program. Contractors are permitted to decline orders within a 5-day period of receipt, but credit card orders must be declined within 24 hours.

Taking Advantage of Your GSA Schedule

Having a GSA Schedule opens your business up to a wide range of opportunities, but you need to make sure you are aware of all the avenues you can pursue. If your company offers products and services that would benefit the government in times of disaster, you should take advantage of Disaster Purchasing. If you want to explore other state and local opportunities, check out our blog "State and Local Program Opportunities for GSA Contractors." While it's common to think of GSA Schedule customers as only federal agencies, there are plenty of opportunities to sell to state and local governments as well.

If you are hoping to add Disaster Purchasing to your GSA contract, add a new product or service the government might need in times of emergency, or want to begin the process of getting a GSA Schedule contract, get in touch with Winvale today.

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