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Top NAICS Codes in FY 2022 Blog Feature
Stephanie Hagan

By: Stephanie Hagan on September 12th, 2022

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Top NAICS Codes in FY 2022

GSA Schedule | Government Business Development | 8 Min Read

As federal government Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 comes to an end on September 30, it's time to reflect on which industries the government was spending the most money on and what the funding looks like for the future. Just like you conduct annual recaps on sales and the market in your commercial market, it’s important to see trends in the federal marketplace whether you are a current contractor or plan to become one soon.

One of the best ways to measure which industries were the most popular through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program is using North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes. This is because NAICS Codes are used to classify the types of products and services that businesses provide, and every GSA contractor has to select a primary NAICS Code. To help you visualize what the last FY looked like, we put together a blog highlighting the top NAICS Codes in all industries and how much spending flowed through them.

Top 10 NAICS Codes for FY 2022

As we mentioned earlier, NAICS Codes are a good indicator of which industries are receiving the most funding from the federal government. Since NAICS Codes are used by government agencies to collect, analyze, and publish statistical data, they carry a lot of weight as well as crucial information about the federal market. But the federal market is huge, so we decided to narrow it down to a more digestible size for GSA contractors. Below, we used the Schedule Sales Query + tool to find the top 10 NAICS Codes in FY 2022 through the GSA Schedules program.





How Much Has Been Spent in FY 2022 So Far


1. 541519-Other Computer Related Services



2. 541611-Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services



3. 541511-Custom Computer Programming Services



4. 511210-Software Publishers



5. 541512-Computer Systems Design Services



6. 541330-Engineering Services



7. 541211-Offices of Certified Public Accountants



8. 561210-Facilities Support Services



9. 541614-Processs, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services



10. 334111-Electronic Computer Manufacturing



Unsurprisingly, Information Technology (IT) related NAICS Codes dominated the line-up. IT, which is marked by Large Category F on the GSA Schedule, is consistently one of the popular industries in the federal marketplace especially as teleworking ramps up and cybersecurity remains a top priority for government agencies. But let’s zoom out and take a look at the top performing industries through the GSA Schedules program.

Top 10 Industries for FY 2022

NAICS Codes are broken down into a few parts—the first part of the number denotes the sector, then subsector, industry group, NAICS Industry, and National Industry respectively. So, they are clearly very telling of what the government is interested in procuring. However, it also helps to take a wider look at what generic industries are popular governmentwide. Maybe you didn’t see your primary NAICS Code listed in the last section, but you are still a part of the larger industry it relates to.





How Much Has Been Spent in FY 2022 So Far


1. IT


$15, 644,814,812

2. Professional Services



3. Industrial Products and Services



4. Transportation and Logistics Services



5. Facilities and Construction


$925, 678,712

6. Human Capital



7. Office Management



8. Travel and Lodging



9. Security and Protection



10. Clothing, Textiles, & Subsistence S & E



As we discussed earlier, IT is at the top of the list, but it’s clearly not the only industry that is channeling a significant amount of government spending.

Where is Government Spending Headed?

Now that we have reflected on spending from the past Fiscal Year, where is it heading? The FY 2023 federal government budget requested $1.6 trillion in discretionary spending, which is up just over 14% from last year. Within this budget, the federal government wants to prioritize cybersecurity, veteran care, public health infrastructure, climate change, and research & development (R&D). In the IT realm, the government wants to specifically target cybersecurity and IT modernization including Zero Trust architecture and cloud computing. This ties into GSA’s large Cloud Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) vehicle they intend to roll out in FY 2023. The federal government also wants to channel more funding into climate resilience, supply chain resilience, and pandemic preparedness. In the beginning of FY 2023 you can track more about the government’s budget and spending on

Using NAICS Codes to Your Advantage

NAICS Codes are much more than a way to measure government procurement habits. They are also used to help you determine your business size and find relevant contracting opportunities for your business. It’s important you know your primary NAICS Code and how to use it to benefit your company. If you want to learn more about NAICS Codes, check out these blogs:

If you have more questions about your GSA Schedule, or if you need help getting one, feel free to reach out to one of our consultants. We would be happy to help you determine which NAICS Codes are the best for your business.

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