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Should You Hire a Consultant for GSA Schedule Maintenance? Blog Feature
Carter Bowman

By: Carter Bowman on March 31st, 2021

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Should You Hire a Consultant for GSA Schedule Maintenance?

Resources and Insight | 4 Min Read

Working with a colossal bureaucracy such as the federal government can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, that difficulty can extend into the General Services Administration (GSA). With an abundance of necessary paperwork and regulations associated with attaining and maintaining a GSA Schedule contract, a common practice is to hire a GSA Schedule consultant to guide your company through the process.

As a team of consultants, we know how important it is to maintain GSA regulations and keep your contract up to date. We have also seen how it can be difficult for some companies to keep up with these requirements because they don’t have the bandwidth. Government contracting can be an exciting endeavor for any business, and consultants ensure the process is as seamless as possible for you.

What Do GSA Consultants Do?

GSA Schedule consultants make sure that your business is able to sell to the government in the most efficient manner possible. This means working with you to handle all the paperwork and regulations so your business can focus on whatever it does best. Working with a consultant to comply with GSA Schedule standards sets your company up for success throughout the Schedule acquisition and maintenance processes.

Some tasks a consultant will perform when working on your contract are adding and deleting products and services from your catalog, adjusting pricing, changing product and service names and descriptions, ensuring compliance with GSA regulations, and keeping you well-informed on required updates to your contract.

How Can A Consultant at Help with GSA Schedule Maintenance?

A common misconception held by companies interested in obtaining a GSA Schedule is that once it is awarded, there is no more work. Consultants can help you to understand the nuances associated with contract maintenance.

Consultants help clients with GSA Schedule maintenance by ensuring that all necessary documentation and requirements are compliant with GSA standards. With the expertise of a GSA consultant, your company can make educated decisions and make sure you are keeping up with your contract.

Whether you just awarded a GSA Schedule or if you have held one for an extended period of time, a consultant can help you with regulations such:

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Do I Need to Hire A Consultant to Work With GSA?

While we would certainly recommend working with a consultant to maintain your GSA contract, it is not essential to hire a consultant in order to work with GSA. So, if your company doesn't need a consultant then why should you hire one?

Well, as noted above, the requirements and regulations in place to sell to the government are complex. While possible to maintain a government contract by yourself, the burdens of keeping up with the maintenance can quickly overwhelm a company that is ill-equipped to handle the abundance of work. In addition to helping with all desired contract modifications, consultants handle a plethora of tasks behind the scenes as well.

For example, when GSA issues a new mass modification, consultants, who are constantly monitoring such changes, will have detailed knowledge of the modification that we can share with you as soon as the initiative is announced. This is important because as the next section details, a failure to meet contract requirements and updates in a timely manner will result in negative consequences for your company.

What Happens if You Don't Maintain Your GSA Schedule Correctly?

There are certain requirements that are necessary to maintain your GSA contract including, but not limited to, updating changes in your price list, meeting certain sales requirements, and accepting the mass modifications to your contract issued by the GSA.

When a company fails to perform any one of these items correctly, the result could be a cancellation of your contract altogether. Winvale offers maintenance services to our clients so you can avoid these problems. We are acutely aware of all that goes into having a contract awarded in the first place. Losing all of that hard work, as well as the opportunity to continue selling to the government, is a negative consequence that you should avoid at all costs.

More Information About GSA Schedule Maintenance and Compliance

If you are interested in maintaining your own GSA Schedule, then a great resource to check out is the GSA Compliance checklist. Here you will find the documentation and instructions necessary for maintaining compliance. Additionally, you should also read up on the various types of modifications in more detail.

We understand that the concept of GSA compliance can be difficult to grasp. If you are interested, Winvale offers agreements to help you maintain your government contract. It is always our goal to best serve our customers, so if you have any additional questions or would like to see more about what it is Winvale does, please visit our website.

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