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The Basics of Government Marketing Blog Feature
Viviana Vargas

By: Viviana Vargas on May 15th, 2019

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The Basics of Government Marketing

Government | 2 Min Read

The world of government contracting can be a very intimidating place due to its complexity and competitiveness. Companies that decide to pursue a Schedule contract can easily access the network of federal, state, city, county, and municipal level agencies looking to buy products and services.

It is important to understand the basics of government marketing in order to successfully sell your products and services.

Consider Your Value

Much like the way you market your commercial business, you must market your business to government customers. Defining a marketing strategy for the target audience that you want to reach is the first step. Looking at what your company’s mission and values are is the best place to start. Evaluate how your products and services can bring value to their needs. Ask how your values help solve an agency’s problem and support their mission.

Address the following questions when trying to understand your value to the agency:

  • Who within the government is requiring your products or services?
  • How can your company help the government meet its goals, objectives, and mission?
  • What parts of your company’s products or services have appealed to previous customers?
  • Is there a niche that you can target your products or services?

After assessing your value position:

  • Ask why would said agency or government contractor require your products or services?
  • Research their budgets. What have they previously spent their money on?
  • Determine whether your company can meet the demands of the agency or government contractor, or if you will need additional resources to complete the job.
  • Develop a call plan.

Heighten Your Web Presence

After looking at your value, you should then look at ways you can optimize your company’s web presence. It's important to be able to provide a web address that any prospective customers can go to look directly at your government-focused products or services. This part of your company’s website should be strictly focused on the government and should include:

Capabilities Statement

Your company should have a government-focused capabilities statement. A capability statement should be very brief (less than two pages), very direct, and very specific to the individual agency's needs. Ideally, this capabilities statement is a living document that will change depending on the targeted agency.

Knowledgeable contracts understand that each agency has its specific mission, vision, and goals. Your company’s capabilities statement should be able to address those goals directly.

There are 6 important topics that a well-versed capabilities statement covers:

  • Contract information
  • Core competencies
  • Past performance
  • Differentiators
  • Corporate data
  • Contact information


When trying to market your products or service to the government, it’s important to create a government-focused marketing plan; look at a value-based understanding of your company’s scope and abilities, create a government-specific web presence, and have government-focused capabilities statements for each agency. Using this knowledge and these tools will help target the needs of the government and its agencies. This will lead to greater government sales from new and reoccurring customers.

If you're looking to increase your visibility within the government marketplace, you understand the importance of a successful government marketing strategy. Download our presentation: Government Marketing: 10 Tips to Ramp Up Your Government Marketing Now!


About Viviana Vargas

Viviana Vargas is a consultant for Winvale’s Government Contract Services Department. She is originally from Woodbridge, VA and graduated from James Madison University with Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy and Administration.